EMR Reinvented

We invented Power-Customization™
because each clinic is different.

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Generations allows each clinic and lab
to follow their own unique way of practicing.

Built to adapt

The IVFqc team has invented mechanisms to allow each clinic to use and modify the app settings in such a way that it seems that the app was created for your clinic. Regardless of what types of reproductive procedures you perform and no matter what country you practice in, Generations will adjust to match your own workflow.


Move features from one place to the next and archive data and parameters responsibly. Create parameters like an experienced software engineer using the settings menu. It will only take you a few minutes to learn how to use the many flexibility features of this app.

We've got you covered

Generations can be used on it's own, or it can be combined with other apps from the IVFqc suite such as Reflections and Kaleasy for a total flexible practice management platform. IVFqc provides a streamlines management program tailored to your entire clinic and IVF center.

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